How Can I Help?

I can assist you with the below in relation to adaptive technology support:

  1. JAWS support, this includes full support from installation to Tandem assistance as well as going out to client’s homes to train face to face.
  2. Assisting with the most popular apps and screen reader, like Office 365, Outlook for email, Thunderbird set up , and website help with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  3. iPad and iPhone app support.
  4. Using a Braille display or keyboard to write up quality documents for University or work.
  5. Windows concepts, using the desktop, Windows Explorer, the run dialogue, the start menu, and learning the keyboard for a new screen reader.
  6. Setting up NVDA on a USB stick, NVDA download, using Narrator for a new PC, how to reinstall Windows 10 as a fresh copy, Using Narrator in safe mode, Using a Braille display with JAWS.
  7. Support and training on using VoiceOver with iPhones and iPads.

A hand holding upright a refreshable Braille display for an iOS device

I bring 10 years of experience with adaptive technology and believe in providing 100% excellence delivered with thorough patience and understanding.

Why would a client choose my business over others?

Great question. When you call a helpline you often bounce between support advisers, at times commitments are not followed up with. All my support is via Skype, The Zoom platform, or via the telephone.

Everything is backed up by my guarantee, If I can’t fix it or diagnose the issue, You don’t pay a $.

For more info or to discuss your personal requirements contact me today for a free complementary no cost consultation.

Contact Information

  • iPhone: + 61 435 892 944
  • Office phone: +61 3 9078 4650
  • Skype: Sadamahmed1992
  • Email:

JAWS 2018 Certified Certificate