A quick note – Reviewing the AccessNote Application for iOS from AFB

As more and more blind people converge towards mainstream technology there have been a flurry of notetaking solutions aimed at boosting productivity for busy professionals and students alike.

Today we look at such an App designed in conjunction with FloCo Apps, LLc.

The App boasts special access for the blind and full integration with Appl’s screen reader VoiceOver is seamless.


The App has a clean an uncluttered UI it is clear the the AFB has thought a great deal about universal access for all.

Blind people will specially appreciate how well this mobile App works with VoiceOver alleviating the frustration that sometimes comes with buying an inaccessible App.

All buttons are given descriptions making it a snap to start a new note.

Dropbox integration is available so that one can export notes created inside the App this is useful for students wanting to access there notes on the go.

Performance and wrap up:

Silky smooth performance I experienced no issues whilst using the App.

In closing AFB has put together a great solution that harnesses Apple’s revolutionary accessibility features. Offering an alternative to more expensive options using a bluetooth keyboard or braille display one can certainly get a lot of work done.

Improvements can certainly be made mainly supporting more file formats like Microsoft .doc and .docx documents. These enhancements are no doubt coming to a future update of the App so stay tuned.

Having said all that for a first release it’s pretty impressive.




Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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