Microsoft Surface RT review

Microsoft Surface is the best productivity tablet yet, and it had better be. As the only Microsoft-branded Windows rt hardware to launch with the new operating system the tablet serves as ambassador and flagship for the touch-focused, wildly risky Windows grand experiment. The Surface excels thanks to its thoughtful design, sensible implementation of its keyboard accessory, and the innobations brought about by the interface for merly known as “Metro” — chief among them:the gesture-driven menu system, powerful search tool, and incredibly cool and versatile splits-creen feature.

Unfortunately, there’s a price to pay for doing things differently. I’ve spent a day and an a half with this soldier for the Windows course, and I predict that some of you will find Metro’s learning curve discouraging. Additionally, apps support is dismal, performance especially when using IE10 is slow at times, and like the old guy in the club still hanging around after last call, the traditional Windows interface lingers on, feeling embarrassingly out of place.

The Surface isn’t for everyone. Those looking for tons or even several pounds of apps should look elsewhere: however, it takes a legitimate swing at replacing your computer and comes closer to hitting the mark than any tablet before it.

Microsoft Surface RT $499 reviewed on December 13th, 2012

Sadam ahmed.

Design: 7.0

Features: 8.0

performance: 7.0

The good:

The Microsoft Surface ‘s Metro interface is innovative, elegant, poweerful, and versatile. The tablet feels strong and well-built, runs Office 2013, and includes rich video and music services. Its keyboard cover accessories are the best ways to type on a tablet, period.

The bad:

The tablet’s performance can be ssluggish, its Windows Store is a ghost town, Metro takes getting used to, and the desktop interface feels clunky and useless.

The bottom line:

If you are an early adopter willing to forget everything you know about navigating a computer, the Surface tablet could replace your laptop. Everyone else: wait for more apps.