Google maps for iOS reviewed

Greetings ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year!

I’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays as a lot of things have been going on for me but it’s back to business from today.

My first post for 2013 is one that I have gotton a lot of emails on and it concerns Google maps for iOS.

Let’s get into it.


In iOS 6 Apple removed Google maps and replaced it with there own inferior version of the App.

Suffice it to say it wasn’t one of the best decisions made by the company and even forced CEO Tim Cook to write   a letter of apology to users asking them to try alternative mapping solutions while Apple delt with the issues plaguing Maps in iOS 6.

Enter Google maps. Released by Google not long after iOS’s release it brings all the great features of maps for Android. Oh and it actually works as it should unlike maps for iOS 6.


When the App is launched for the first time the user is asked to login so that they can sinc there settings between computers and their  iPhone  devices.

The App has a clean layout it is a bit  difficult to navigate   using VoiceOver if your blind.

Having said that I managed to take myself from my place of residence to Footscray and back.

Directions were easy to understand and precise.

Maps are used as needed and are not downloaded to the device saving space on your mobile or tablet.


Google maps for iOS is a brilliant mapping solution for those who have hesitated to upgrade to Apple’s newest mobile OS because of mapping issues in the new operating system.

It’s fast, slick, and most important of all functional. Something that can’t be said for maps in iOS 6.

The company is most definitely working to improve maps in iOS but it’s going to take time as Apple isn’t in the mapping business. Meanwhile customers can use Google maps.


4.5 stars.


Fast and slick, great UI.


Has some accessibility and stability issues if one is using the VoiceOver screen reader, no iPad version yet.

Price as reviewed:


Where to purchase?

From the Apple App store.