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Photo of Sadam Ahmed wearing a Rage Against the Machine t-shirt
Photo of Sadam Ahmed wearing a Rage Against the Machine t-shirt


Founded in 2016 by Sadam, Accessible Technology Solutions is a world class consulting firm that assists mainstream firms to harness the power of both mainstream and assistive technology combining decades of lived experience of disability to change lives through the empowerment of tech.

It was launched after Sadam experienced both direct and indirect subtle systemic discrimination at the hands of recruiter’s post University.
“I thought there has to be a unique way of doing things” the RMIT International Trade and Product Marketing graduate said. “I’ve been featured by Microsoft, I’m continually active within my community volunteering, but repeatedly employees wouldn’t give me a fair go. ATS is a chance to not only provide tech support and training to the mainstream sector, but to make the conversation of employment for people living with a disability more inclusive”.

As well as adaptive and access technology support for the disability sector Accessible technology solutions collaborates with mainstream companies to make sure their app or website is not only accessible but is able to hold up under rigorous usage when it comes to those who use a screen reader.

Sadam Ahmed

I have always loved technology as a child. I had the notion of starting Accessible Technology Solutions in 2010 but did not get started until 2016. As someone with lived experience of disability, I.E blindness, who uses both mainstream and assistive technology to great effect, I am in a unique role to help you with any concerns you may experience in deploying or setting up software or accessibility products like a screen reader.

As well as training, we offer mobile app testing and quality assurance so that your app or website conforms to WCAG guidelines.