Apple Watch review

Introduction As Tim Cook’s first product since the iPad the showing of the Apple Watch was a bid deal. I remember after the keynote wondering who would by the Apple Watch? ( It’s clear that Apple has another great product on it’s hands even if it’s a little rough at present). Design The Watch is… Continue reading Apple Watch review

The screen reader wars – My take

The screen reader wars my take. With the  announcement  of GwMicro   making Window-eyes   free to users of Microsoft 2010/2013 as well as anyone with an office 365 account the blind community  has never had so much choice when it comes to screen reader access.   As far as I’m concerned this is the end of… Continue reading The screen reader wars – My take

iPad Air review

Back when the first iPad was unveiled at a special press event in January of 2010  Apple marketed the device as ” A magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price.” In the 3 and a  half years that have passed since the products inception the iPad has turned out to be just as magical… Continue reading iPad Air review