Apple Watch review


As Tim Cook’s first product since the iPad the showing of the Apple Watch was a bid deal. I remember after the keynote wondering who would by the Apple Watch? ( It’s clear that Apple has another great product on it’s hands even if it’s a little rough at present).


The Watch is very well made indeed. From  the Digetal Crown to the bands it’s clear that Apple designers thought really hard about the finish of this product.

The Watch is available  in 3 models Watch sport, Watch, and for those who have obscene amounts of cash there’s the Watch addition in gold or rose gold.

The bands look great as well, from the black classic band to the sport band. This product is much about fashion as it’s about technology.

Twist the crown

With a product this small Apple had to come up with a method of input that wouldn’t obstruct the screen. Enter the Digetal Crown besides that there’s only one other button on the product it’s called the friends button and is used to contact you’re closest friends.

The Crown acts like the home button on the iPhone. Press it once to display the apps on you’re Watch. You can also spin the Crown to see recently used apps.

The Crown is and excellent way to make use of the small screen. Just another example of how much detail has gone into this product.

A note on accessibility

Blind users of Apple Watch will appreciate that VoiceOver is available letting a blind person use the features of the Watch. Well done to Apple for allowing us to be able to use this product.


The Watch runs Watch OS which is at 1.1 at the time of writing. For the most part it’s okay, but I would love for the Watch to be able to do more things without the iPhone. ( Something Apple is planning with the release of 2.0 of the software.)


Most  of the software developers are still building apps to work with the Watch. Some of my favorites so far include Uber, Trip View, Pandora, and the Twitter app.

Facebook and some other big softwar vendors still haven’t made it to the Watch. As time goes on I expect this to change. However at present quality apps are not many.


When the keynote ended I wasn’t sure about the Watch. But after   a couple of hours I like it really like it. Very excited to see what the future will bring for the software.

If you can stomach the price do get one and try out a slice of the future.

Starting at 499 AUD


Great design, great bands, future is bright.


Growing pains, not enough good apps, can get expensive.