“I really enjoyed working with Sadam and Accessible Technology Solutions to meet my training goals. Thanks to his teachings I have now gone on to be employed. As employment is so hard for blind people, I am incredibly grateful to have been referred to ATS.”

“Back in the Summer of 2016 I lost my sight. After working with different agencies, I was given the contact info of ATS. I am so glad I made the call to receive training from this firm. Sadam was able to guide me using JAWS. He was very understanding. I am now more confident with the computer and have been able to go back to school for my MBA. Massive appreciations.”

” I really enjoy working with Sadam. He is a wonderful technology consultant and explains complex tech terms in an easy to understand fashion. I am a lot more confident with my iPhone thanks to his tutelage.”

“Wow excellent service and support. Thanks for making my journey learning NVDA such a pleasant one. After Sadam’s teachings I am now an NVDA convert and even have taken the NVDA exam to become an expert.”