iPhone XS review: The best iPhone from Cupertino yet.

Last year when Apple released the X it was interesting. For the first time, the design was changed.

Sporting a 5.8-inch screen, no home button, Face-ID, and coming in at $999 (US price). The phone was a big step for Apple.

In 2018 Apple has carried much of those notions into the phone line up for this year.

3 phones to choose from: Take your pick

For 2018 there are 3 phones in play. I’ll explain each one more later in this post, but without further preamble they are as follows:

iPhone XS coming in 2 models, Max and not, and a new iPhone XR with a 6.1-inch screen. The iPhone 8 and 7 series are still available from Apple should you want to get a device with Touch ID.

Hello Face ID, it’s nice to meet you

One of the reasons why I played it safe last year and got the 8 was to let Face ID mature. This was a fantastic notion on my part, as it means now Apple is using the second-generation Face ID technology, which to put it in their own words is faster when performing facial recognition. Indeed, Locking and unlocking my XS does seem to be faster when using the Face ID.

All three phones are powered by the new A-12 chip, the first nano chip with 3 billion transistors on the logic board. These phones are very fast for every day use. I’m excited to see what app developers do with all that computing power in the next 3-5 years.

Apple is the king when it comes to mobile silicon architecture.


These new phones are worth it 100%, even for an S series, what Apple has produced this year is spectacular.


5 Stars Outstanding.