The winds of change and some small updates.

It has been a minute since I have published so I wanted to give a small update. All good stuff!

Expanding the business.

My business partner and I are in the process of totally giving the website a new look. Whilst I will still be keeping my current domain, the new site should have a lot more content and offer scope to grow like a member’s area etc.
Nothing much will change with the Australian component.
Rest assured that I am still here for our customers in the Asia pacific. The same great service you know and expect will still be offered. If you have any questions on how we might be able to assist you with any of your tech from a blindness perspective feel free to make contact. We also give advice and consulting for firms that would like to make their app or website more accessible.

That is a wrap.

boom. that is all from my end! Thank you for your support weather you have been supported by our firm, asked about any of our services, or generally given a kind word. It all helps and during the COVID pandemic it was amazing to see customers from both the sighted community and blind come together and seek help with tech. Keep safe and if you happen to be reading this in the US Hope you are having a rad start to summer. Happy Winter to those based in Aussie land.