Google maps for iOS reviewed

Greetings ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope you all had a fantastic New Year!

I’ve been a bit quiet over the holidays as a lot of things have been going on for me but it’s back to business from today.

My first post for 2013 is one that I have gotton a lot of emails on and it concerns Google maps for iOS.

Let’s get into it.


In iOS 6 Apple removed Google maps and replaced it with there own inferior version of the App.

Suffice it to say it wasn’t one of the best decisions made by the company and even forced CEO Tim Cook to write   a letter of apology to users asking them to try alternative mapping solutions while Apple delt with the issues plaguing Maps in iOS 6.

Enter Google maps. Released by Google not long after iOS’s release it brings all the great features of maps for Android. Oh and it actually works as it should unlike maps for iOS 6.


When the App is launched for the first time the user is asked to login so that they can sinc there settings between computers and their  iPhone  devices.

The App has a clean layout it is a bit  difficult to navigate   using VoiceOver if your blind.

Having said that I managed to take myself from my place of residence to Footscray and back.

Directions were easy to understand and precise.

Maps are used as needed and are not downloaded to the device saving space on your mobile or tablet.


Google maps for iOS is a brilliant mapping solution for those who have hesitated to upgrade to Apple’s newest mobile OS because of mapping issues in the new operating system.

It’s fast, slick, and most important of all functional. Something that can’t be said for maps in iOS 6.

The company is most definitely working to improve maps in iOS but it’s going to take time as Apple isn’t in the mapping business. Meanwhile customers can use Google maps.


4.5 stars.


Fast and slick, great UI.


Has some accessibility and stability issues if one is using the VoiceOver screen reader, no iPad version yet.

Price as reviewed:


Where to purchase?

From the Apple App store.

iPad mini review

“Apple will never make a 7-inch tablet.”

Those were the words of former CEO Steve jobs back in 2010.

Well Steve is long dead and we have a new CEO at the helm of Apple captain cook and he has a different outlook.

We all know it was on the horizon well it’s now landed.

Is apple’s iPad mini as magical as it’s older iPad  important of all should you drop money on Cupertino’s latest gadget?

I’ll try to hash out all that and more in my review let’s get started.


The first thing that strikes you about the mini is how well made this device feels in the hand.

Crafted out of the same materials as the latest iPhone 5 it’s downright luxurious.

Up top sits the power button, volume buttons on the side, and the home button below the 7.9-inch display.

Flanking the bottom of the tablet you have Apple’s new lightning connector as well as a pair of stereo speakers that pump out decent sound.

In terms of camera the mini comes with a 5MP shooter which takes about the same images as the iPhone 4.

This camera is also capable of recording 1080P video at 30 frames per second.

A FaceTime camera lurks near the top bezel of the tablet it can also shoot 720P video as well.

It comes with faster WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 models that use 3g-4g are also available.

Capacity comes in your choice of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB also we have Siri so you can ask the sassy virtual assistant pointless questions.

Overall this tablet is designed very well Apple products are known for there industrial beauty and this latest addition to the product stable certainly fits that description perfectly.

The display is the same as that on the iPad 2 the mini has a resolution of 1024-by-768 at 163 PPI.

This means that text and other content looks very fuzzy and pixelated granted it shouldn’t be a problem if this is your first iOS device but if you own a retina based product you’ll definitely notice a step back in quality.

The issue will be probably rectified within time but that’s little consolation for first gen buyers of this tablet.


The mini runs iOS which is now in it’s 6th iteration the OS is as good as ever out of the box you get Apps for email, browsing the web, reading books, messaging, and if that isn’t enough for you visit the App store to extend the software of the device.

There’s not a lot to say about iOS really to quote Apple ” It just works.”

If you don’t mind the closed garden you’ll like using iOS otherwise look elsewhere.


The tablets power comes from a dual-core A5 chip clocked in at 1GHZ.

Ram is 512MB this puts it roughly on par with the iPhone 4S when it comes to performance.

Loading up geekbench I got 1014 in load times vs the iPhone’s 1015.

This means that in everyday tasks the mini should perform as well as the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S.

Some games like infinity blade II and other graphic intensive Apps did make the device slow and sluggish even requiring a restart at one stage but in general the device was responsive.

Battery life.

Apple’s website  clames that you can get up to 10 hours on the WIFI mini 9 hours for the 4G version and after using the mini for 2 days I’d have to agree.

Using the tablet for email, some light reading, listening to music, and downloading content in the background I got 10 hours and 55 minutes of usage.

That’s pretty good and should mean that you should get through a standard day.

Of course your milage will very depending on what you do with the tablet certain activities like using 4G or playing games will decrease battery life significantly.


The iPad mini is a lovely product both to hold and use but something holds me back from recommending it maybe it’s the crummy display or maybe it’s the 2 year old processor it feels like Apple is testing the waters with this one.

So my advice would be to stay your hand at least this generation you’ll be able to get the iPad mini 2 with that gorgeous retina display and A6 chip next year.

If you absolutely need a 7-inch tablet then go with the Nexus 7 from Google not only will you get a more powerfull tablet you’ll get a better display as well not to mention spending less swag.


Loveley industrial design, easy to hold with one hand, superb software.


expensive for what it is, crummy display, accessories require even more expensive adapters.

Price as reviewed:

AU369 16GB, AU479 64GB AU589 64GB


Apple Inc  

A review of the iPod touch fifth gen

Hello and welcome to my review of the iPod touch  Sit back and relax as I go through the new features in Apple’s latest offering in the PMP market.

If your familia with the iPhone 5 you know what to expect from this device in terms of asthetics.
The same aluminium and glass build carrys over from the iPhone 5.
In either your choice of Black & Slate or White & Sillver colours it’s definitely a head turner.
The same 4 inch retina display @326 PPI graces the front of the device.
Everyone I have shown the touch to is blown away by the clarity and how smooth everything looks. Suffice it to say it’s gorgeous.
One thing you might notice about the touch this time around is how incredibly thin Apple has managed to make the device.
At only 123.4 mm and weighing in at 88Grams this thing all most floats!

Although you do have to wonder how much lighter they can make it for the 6th gen.
All the usuall ports and switches are present with power button up top, the same home button sitting below the display and the volume buttons on the side. Apple has decided to retire the venerable 30-pin dock connector opting for a smaller but still no less proprietary slot it calls lightning all digital 8 pin the new connector is more durable as well as being reversible according to Apple.
That’s little comfort to the legions of people who’s speakers and sound docks have suddenly become obsolete due to this change.
Do you want to use your new BeatBox speakers to rock your girlfriends birthday bash? you’ll have to purchase the 30-pin to lightning adapter from Apple.
When your already paying a starting price of $AU329 to have to purchase the adapter sceems like a slap in the face from Apple a weird move for a company that prides it’s self on customer service.

The FaceTime camera has been upgraded to 720P.
On the back you have a 5MP camera the same one used in the iPhone 4 also we have 1080P video recording with video stabilisation.
As far as software goes nothing new the touch runs iOS 6 and if you have been using an iOS device for a while you’ll fiel right at home.

You can annoy  your friends on Facebook and Twitter   right from the notification centre.
Send iMessages to your fellow iOS users and in general keep yourself amused when out and about.
There’s still no way to have live widgets how long will that weather icon read 22 degrees and sunny?
in conclusion iOS is a very solid mobile OS slick and fast the iOS 6 update isn’t a huge upgrade as iOS 5 was last year but it still brings more than enough tricks to the party.
One can’t help but to speculate if we will see widgets in iOS 7 next year? that’s one area that Google’s Android wins the war against Apple’s mobile oS.

The power comes from a dual-core A5 chip clocked in at 1GHZ ram is a poultry 512MB this chip is 2 years old and it shows having debuted on the iPhone 4S last year.
Some of the more graphic intensive Apps and games did make the device slow down noticeably.
This is one area where the iPhone’s superior processor comes in to play.
But for day to day use this iOS device is plenty snappy enough.
Closing thoughts.
Apple has come out with another fantastic product the touch is the perfict gaming device, music player, and all round best pocket computer.
The only thing that gives me pause is the price starting at AU329 for the 32gb version this is far from an impromptu purchase.
The relatively slow processor is also concerning as iOS devices with slower chips get put to bed quicker by Apple than those with newer chips.
Having said that I’m sure menny people will slip one under the tree this festive season.

4 stars.


lovely display slick design.


slow processor expensive need to purchase extra adapters from Apple if you want to keep using your 30-pin sound devices.

Price as reviewed:

AU329 32GB AU499 64Gb. .


Apple Inc

Windows 8

Windows 8 from Microsoft is a big shift away from traditional Windows. As well a running on desktops, the new operating system will also be showcased on the upcoming Microsoft Surface.

The biggest shift visually that has been applied to Windows 8 is moving away from the Start button. Users now use the charms bar. Another add-on is how social Windows 8 has become. With Facebook, people email and messaging all prominently displayed. In conclusion, I think Windows 8 is a good clean OS.